Our Company

At SmartFeeds, we work with global research teams to develop unique feed and water application products designed to help growers meet everyday challenges.


Our products were born out of ideas that modern production can be profitable while maintaining health and wellness of the animals throughout their lives.

After working for over a decade in the animal feed business, we decided to put our skills and knowledge to work helping growers implement the best alternatives to meet current market demands.


Julie von Hellens and her family

Our Story

Our products increase profitability by supporting animal health. We are proud that we can do this by following a philosophy that there is more than one way to raise a healthy animal. Whether you are caring for animals as a grower or as a veterinarian, we look forward to working with you!

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Chris Campbell


Born and raised in a small rural town in Southwest Georgia, Camilla. My family has served the agriculture community for generations. Lewis Campbell, my grandfather, owned a Tractor store while also farming and raising cattle.  My father, Joe Campbell, spent his career working with farmers directly in the Southeast and Midwest during his time at Alimenta and Golden Peanut company as Vice President of Procurement. I carry their appreciation and respect for the agricultural community and I look forward to continuing their legacy by partnering with Smartfeeds. I was fortunate to be able to play college tennis at Lee University where I received my bachelor’s degree and later received my MHA at Armstrong Atlantic University, which is now a part of Georgia Southern. My professional experience the past 7 years has been in business development, helping business owners across the nation (30 states and 50+ businesses) increase profitability by consulting them on strategic growth opportunities and helping them with effective integration on these strategies. As National Accounts Manager I primarily seek to continually engage clients and future clients in a way that enables us to know as an organization the products that are most suited for their needs as we work closely with the top nutritionist and scientists in the industry.

Alexis Thomas


Hi, my name is Alexis Thomas! I am a Texas A&M Poultry Science Graduate with a burning passion to impact the agriculture industry. Some hobbies of mine include running a non-profit organization for special needs students working with livestock, drinking coffee, and playing with my corgi. As a Technical Sales Manager for Smartfeeds, I feel it is essential to find the best product fit per the customer's demand. My overall goal is to hold positive communication skills and build an extended network throughout the agriculture industry.